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Shri Navkar Metals Ltd, a Unit of Jainox Group, is a Family Owned Company, whose seeds were sown in 1957 with a proactive attitude to excel in life by an individual, who started collecting old newspapers from door to door and selling in market. But gradually activities expanded to selling utensils in retail market, subsequently in wholesale market and with time manufacturing them. Now, Shri Navkar Metals Ltd is not only manufacturing stainless steel kitchenware, but also expanded its product line to hardware, sanitary, dairy and industrial sector. VALUE FOR MONEY is the mantra for the offerings.

Here is a chronicled details of Shri Navkar Metal’s Journey till now :
1957 : Collecting old papers from door to door and selling to whole-sellers. Barter system of Utensils to Old Papers. Small Shop of utensils as a retailer. Became a Whole –sellers of Utensils.
1978: Manufacturing of Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Copper Utensils.
1983: 1st time employment of skilled South Indian Welders in to Utensils Industry to improve productivity.

1984: Manufacturing of Aluminium Alloy Milkcans of various capacities.
1984: Automation in welding finishing by roller machine instead of hand hammering to improve the welding items quality in stainless steel utensils.
1984: Mechanical technology instead of Hand Technology at the neck of same utensils.
1985: Invention of Chemical compound for stainless steel deep drawing.
1985: Introduced a traditional shaped design of water pot.

1986: Manufacturing of Stainless Steel kitchen sinks.
1986: Indirect Exports done to USA.
1992: Renovation in another traditional “Butter Milk Pot” and made this a grand successful product.
1994: Introduction of seam welding technology replacing the manual welding in utensils industry. Introduction and development of sheet metal components replacing Wood, Plastic, Rubber and Die –casting etc.
1998: Introduction of new concepts and manufacturing technique for Domestic and Industrial Water Heaters.
1998: First Direct exports started by exporting to Saudi Arabia.

2002: Introduced High pressured, all stainless steel water heater for UAE, Middle East market.
2002: Started exports to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other far east countries like Thailand, Singapore, Phillipines, Myanmar.
2003: Started executing Turnkey projects – both in India and International.
2003: Became ISO 9001-2000 Company.
2004: Started exports to East Africa.
2005: Got the status of ONE STAR EXPORT HOUSE from government of India.
2005: Became the leading supplier to almost all retail majors of Gujarat for Stainless steel and Aluminium Utensils.

2006: Started exports of South Africa.
2006: Became a Limited company.
2006: First Company in western region of India for its manufactured Aluminium Alloy Milkcans.
2009: Upgraded to ISO 9001: 2008 Company.

2010: First Company in western region of India to have ISI License for its manufactured Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks.
2011: Started Aluminium Sections for Doors and Windows anodizing and installing.
2012: First Company (in its kind of business) to get In-House R&D Recognition by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research.
2013: First Company Across India to get BIS 14756 (Stainless Steel Utensils) certification by BIS New Delhi
2016: Holding LIMCA Book of Records for the Larges Deep Drawn Components ever manufactured across Globe without Welding Joint.





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