Company Profile

It all began in 1957(Pre Liberalized Era with Less Business Opportunities and Less Banking – Finance and Business Infrastructure), when India was trying to stand up in its own feet same way an Entrepreneur who was collecting old newspapers from door to door and put on his soldier and selling into the wholesale market to survive himself. To attract more and more people and to earn more he started bartering old newspaper by Stainless Steel Utensils. People liked the new product concept of Stainless Steel (at that Time Stainless Steel Utensils were also not popular among the Rural Indians). Having a desire to grow and not looking back, the next step was having a small shop of Stainless Steel Utensils in the Retail Market followed by becoming an Wholesaler to sell the products to Retailers. To fulfill the demand the ultimate step was nothing, but manufacturing these products.

That adventure now has a big name in the industries of Metals – SHRI NAVKAR GROUP. Since then –looking forward the regard of quality has paid off to the company. Today, the company has a considerable market share in terms of sales. Company’s mantra from early time till now is the same – TO PROVIDE THE VALUE FOR MONEY TO THE ULTIMATE CUSTOMER MAKING THEM DELIGHT/ PROVIDING VALUE FOR MONEY BY GIVEING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

The company has a team of dedicated professionals catering to the needs of the International Market and the Domestic Customers. The company has not only diversified production, but widened the range. The ultimate aim of the company is to Manufacture Quality Products at Low Cost of Production and Make “SHRI NAVKAR” a Household Name in the world and ultimately to capture international market

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